In the beginning...

Ah, the beginning! Apparently, it’s a very good place to start.

I thought it best that I start with introducing me and letting you know a little about how I get to be where I am.

My first main part, Tinkerbell, aged 5yrs

In my bio, I mentioned that I’ve been on-stage in one way or another for over 35 years, it’s actually closer to 38. This March (2017) I turn 41. My dancing began way back in 1980 at the age of 3. My first experience of being on stage resulted in a lot of “ohhhhs and awwwws”, technically too young to begin ballet exams, but I had an older sister who was an incredible ballerina, so I guess they just kind of let me in. Anyway, I loved it! And to this day, I still do.

Growing up, I got involved in acting and drama, was a frequent participant in any show I could get myself into. I loved being a main character, known to be a little sulky if I didn’t get the part. Strangely enough, it transpired that I wasn’t actually that great at dancing, but I did have a lot of presence on stage, and truthfully, I think I kind of just winged it from there.

At 14 years, my parents decided to send me off to a holiday experience like no other. They sent me to Discovery for Teens. Discovery is a 7-day leadership experience for teens 14-18 years, run through the Discovery Foundation (formally known as Global Youth Foundation). This was the second Discovery run in New Zealand, and whilst I was mildly curious, the closer the programme came, the more nervous I got. The night before I begged my parents not to make me go, alas, they pulled the parent card on me and sent me off anyway.

Well! I vividly remember arriving wondering what on earth my parents had sent me to. Crazy adults, running around, cheering “Welcome to Discovery!”

I was not impressed!

Then the conference began. About 3-hours in, I knew this is it!

This is what I want to do with my life! I want to be the Facilitator of Discovery! For me, Discovery for Teens was life changing. I was a reasonably average young person, just floating along in the world. Discovery showed me that I can choose where I want to take my life if I just believe in myself. So, I walked out of that week with a ton more confidence in myself, pride, and a real desire to have a great life.

As they say, the rest is history (or more accurately her-story in this case).

I worked for a number of different training organisations in my late teens and early twenties. Including The Training Company in Palmerston North. Wellington based, The Training Team. Even did a few days logistical support here and there for Maygrove Management Services (the company I do all of my corporate work through these days). Mentored by some great Presenters like Michael Wall, Eric Jensen and Rich Allen. Was given opportunities in so many places, performing in the Opening Ceremony of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University in Hawaii, meeting Dr John Gray. I presented at my first conference (NZ Accelerated Learning Conference) in 2000. Then finally, in 2008, I accomplished my original goal of becoming the Lead Facilitator for Discovery for Teens.